DAIWA recently applied the LT design concept to its own various reelers. The beauty of the MX in the next month can be followed up in 2018!

„GEKKABIJIN MX 2018“ has three models as well as the 2016 version, but the volume ratio is set to a low volume ratio, AIR Rotor, MAGSEALED magnetic oil sealing system, DS4 high-strength plastic body and ATD brake system. It is still retained, and the line cup edge is updated to LC-ABS design to improve the throwing ability. The LT design concept of the compact and lightweight of each unit can be said to be the biggest selling point of this modification. The weight of the whole machine is reduced to 190g. (2016 version of self-weight 215 ~ 230g), the body hollow design is less but there is such a significant lightweight performance, LT concept is indeed a very set, PE line (#0.3) capacity increased from the previous 150m to 200m, the maximum brake The force is increased to 5kg at a time, and the braking force is no longer just the Light Game level. Although the appearance of the „MX 2018“ is not as gorgeous as the 2016 version, its performance evolution is really eye-catching. The price is ¥20,700.

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