Mebaru Benge! DAIWA moon beauty MX root fish 2018 style

Under the moon, the beauty MX changed its money every three years. Although it seems that there is not much breakthrough in the materials, the real evolution is that you have to feel the embarrassment to get it.

„Moon under the MX 2018“ is a little less than the 15 year version in the model selection. Not only is the model of the gun handle missing, but the 5pcs mobile model is also missing, but there may be additional models in the later stage. The 72MLB is not designed with a solid tail. The body is also continuously constructed with HVF carbon cloth and X45 carbon cloth. The guide ring is made of Fuji titanium frame SiC K type guide ring. The reel type is a big part of the change. The official also emphasizes The operability has improved. On the whole, it will feel that the change is a bit vain. However, the officially provided self-weight data is not difficult to find. The whole model has a small amount of light weight. For example, the 74ULS-S is lighter than the 15-year version. 15g, the 15-year version of the carbon fiber content is about 92~95%, but the „Mr. Beauty MX 2018“ is the full model increased to 98%, red and black main color plus chameleon color embellished body coating Packing, nothing more than the typical ignorant style of the beauty series under the moon, Xiaobian personally feel that the color version of the 18 version is a lot of coordination, and finally, the recommended price is between ¥31,000 and 35,500, the price is really improved.

The lightweight body is made of HVF carbon cloth + X45 carbon cloth, and the reel seat type is updated. The official said that even in heavy warm clothing, it can be used with good operability.


The guide ring style uses Fuji titanium frame SiC K type guide ring.


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