Abu Garcia ROXANI spinning reel

High CP value and then attack!

Abu Garcia’s ROXANI series has once again launched a high-CP product that also has REVO blood. Although it is a spinning reel, the name is still called „ROXANI“.

„ROXANI“ black pressed body and carbon fiber material handle, it looks a bit like REVO MGX in appearance, the body uses DURAMETAL integrated design body, from the gear room to the foot directly combined, the line cup total The Rocket line managent system is used to improve the smoothness of the throwing and the fineness of the receiving line. At the same time, the technical application of AM gear design and COG gear design provides a high-strength gear system. It is indeed a part of the function of the REVO series. „ROXANI The most special function is the 2WAY DRAG design. This design allows the angler to adjust the position of the brake pad to improve the adjustment of the brake value when using the thin line for fishing. The corresponding fishing ground is also suitable for use in the sea. The model is also suitable for light-duty shore throwing. The recommended price is ¥14,000~15,000. It is a good choice for petty bourgeoisie.

The high-strength DURAMETAL integrated design of the aluminum alloy body makes the internal gears run more stable.

Multi-layer carbon fiber material handles are equipped with light weight and strength.

The 2WAY DRAG design provides two types of braker adjustment modes for the fisherman. The TOUGH mode is set in the factory setting, and when you use the thin line, you can install it from left to right according to the LIGHT mode, thus increasing the brake value. Adjust the fineness to avoid disconnection caused by improper setting.

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Още информация

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