SHIMANO CARDIFF CI4+ spinning reel 2018 style for squid

This waiting is really long enough. After 6 years, CARDIFF CI4+ has finally changed, and the new „CARDIFF CI4+ 2018“ debuts.

The 12-year version of CARDIFF CI4+ was originally available only in 2000. However, the modified „CARDIFF CI4+ 2018“ was modeled on the 1000 and 3000 models. The body and Rotor materials were made of CI4+ material. It is also a dual-use of fresh sea water. The Rotor has been updated to MGL Rotor. The G Free Body is also added inside the fuselage. These functions can effectively reduce the inertia of operation. At the same time, in order to balance durability, the full model is equipped with COREPROTECT waterproof function, and the model C3000MHG even Further equipped with X PROTECT to make the waterproof performance better, this change will basically keep up with the necessary functions of many high-end models in SHIMANO. The body color of the body is still mainly dark green, but the ratio of gold and silver is reversed compared with the past. The exteriors of the various parts are also slightly adjusted. The overall texture is more modern than the 12-year version. ¥36,200~37,500.

The full model is equipped with COREPROTECT waterproof function, and its water-spraying performance can effectively prevent external water.

The model C3000MHG is additionally equipped with X PROTECT, and the internal La abyrinth structure design makes it difficult to infiltrate the outside water.

The G FREE BODY design adjusts the Worm Shaft position closer to the body to reduce the movement of the reel when it is in operation.

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